Submit A Guest Post – You Must Follow Our Guidelines

Guest Blogging

Write For Us:

Interested in writing an article for us? Awesome! Contributors are always welcome to Best10Top. Our primary goal is to deliver the highest quality content for our community. The following guideline will provide you with all the information you need to help you get started with your article. Basically, we like to product review content. (Video or text)


Which Topics Accept?

The main categories we have at best10top are as follows: Productivity, beauty, and Jewelry, Lifestyle, Technology, Electronic gadget, Fashion, Automotive, Home & Kitchen, Baby & Kids, Sports wear, Shoes.


Have You Any Sample Work?

Send us your previous experience link. So that we can see your writing skill.


Content Editing:

We want only quality content. It is not our responsibility to edit your article for you. Before you send your article over, check or edit by your friends or your colleague. We just expect content that is ready to be published right away. Because we can’t kill our time for you. So, check properly before sending and after receiving your content is the property of Edit, remove links or publishing rights reserved best10top. 



You Must Follow Our Guest Blogging Guideline:

  • The article must match the quality of our other posts on the site. Take a visit to our homepage and read an article for yourself.
  • The article will be at least 1,000+ words. We are not interested in articles that were half-hearted.
  • Include a summary of with-in 175 characters.
  • Articles will be must your own work – and unique. Don’t use the excessive keyword.
  • If your content has appeared elsewhere, we will not accept it.
  • Articles cannot contain any sales/self-promotion – including links and/or references to the authors’ own business or affiliate website links.
  • Your work can contain 1-2 relevant links to your work elsewhere on the Internet.
  • Post related image1/2/3 and a featured image compulsory.
  • Every article posting cost and Editorial Expense Only $55




It’s very important for you format your article to the following guidelines:

  • Break your sentences in paragraphs/subheading.
  • Use bullet lists where need.
  • Don’t overuse bold and italic formatting.
  • For main headlines use H2.
  • For sub-headlines use H3.


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